Sunday, September 11, 2005

David Ross Lecture

According to David Ross in his lecture at San Jose State University, the internet and are all about breaking down barriers, blurring the boundaries between creator and audience, and casting off authority. It is certainly true that the internet has allowed art to spread to a much wider audience than it otherwise would have with the creation of Rhizome and other art sites. I found his description of what happened with cable television to be very interesting, how people thought 70 channels would mean enough room for anyone who had something to express, but that it became an “economy of scarcity” and most people were left out. Now the internet is the medium by which these people express themselves, but what does the future of the internet hold? Maybe it will go the way of cable and some entirely new medium will have to be developed. And while the future of art may be digital, the past isn’t going anywhere. I believe there will always, always be a place for museums. And there will always be artists who choose to create sculptures or paintings by hand, instead of creating art with a mouse and a computer. No matter how popular internet art becomes, the great thing about it is that now there really is room for everyone.


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